Marketing Matterport Digital Twins to School Systems: A Guide for Service Providers

Marketing Matterport Digital Twins to School Systems: A Guide for Service Providers


In today's technologically advanced world, educational institutions are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance learning environments. As a Matterport service provider, you have the unique opportunity to revolutionize how schools interact with their physical spaces through Matterport digital twins. Here's why marketing these cutting-edge tools to school systems is not just beneficial, but essential.

Understanding the Needs of Educational Institutions

Schools are more than just buildings; they are dynamic environments where learning, safety, and accessibility are paramount. Matterport digital twins can transform the way educators, students, and administrators engage with their campuses. By creating detailed, immersive 3D models of school facilities, you offer a resource that aids in everything from basic campus tours to facility management and emergency preparedness.

Benefits of Matterport Digital Twins for Schools

  1. Enhanced Student & Family Engagement: Interactive 3D virtual tours can be used for a 24/7 open house, offering potential students and families virtual access that support and transcend traditional school and campus tours.

  2. Safety Planning and Management: In critical situations like emergency evacuations or security planning, having a detailed digital twin of the facility can be invaluable for school safety officers and local authorities.

  3. Efficient Facility Management: For maintenance and renovations, a digital twin provides a precise overview of the school’s layout, aiding in planning and reducing potential disruptions to the educational process.

  4. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Digital twins allow students with mobility issues or those learning remotely to navigate and familiarize themselves with the school layout virtually.

Marketing Strategies

To effectively market to educational institutions, it’s essential to understand their specific needs and concerns:

  • Showcase Educational Value: Demonstrate how Matterport digital twins can be integrated into curricula and enhance student engagement.
  • Highlight Safety Benefits: Emphasize the role of digital twins in emergency planning and student safety.
  • Offer Custom Solutions: Tailor your services to address the unique challenges and requirements of each school or district.
  • Build Partnerships: Engage with educational leaders, attend school board meetings, and participate in educational conferences to build relationships and trust.


For Matterport service providers, the educational sector offers a vast and largely untapped market. By understanding the unique needs of schools and highlighting the multifaceted benefits of Matterport digital twins, you can open doors to new and rewarding opportunities. It's not just about selling a product; it's about enriching educational experiences and contributing to safer, more efficient school environments.

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