Revolutionizing Building Operations Management with Matterport: Insights for Service Providers

Revolutionizing Building Operations Management with Matterport: Insights for Service Providers


In the complex realm of building operations management, innovation and efficiency are key to staying competitive. As a Matterport service provider, you have the opportunity to revolutionize this field with the power of Matterport digital twins. This article delves into the importance of marketing these advanced tools to professionals in building operations management.

Understanding Building Operations Management

Building operations involve a wide range of activities, from maintenance and safety to energy management and tenant services. The integration of Matterport digital twins can significantly enhance the way these tasks are performed, offering a more holistic, efficient approach to managing building operations.

Benefits of Matterport Digital Twins in Building Operations

  1. Streamlined Facility Management: A digital twin offers a detailed, real-time view of the entire building, simplifying maintenance, inspections, and renovations.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Compliance: Accurate 3D mapping aids in safety planning, emergency response, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a safer environment for occupants.
  3. Energy and Resource Management: Monitor and analyze building performance, aiding in energy conservation and efficient resource utilization.
  4. Improved Tenant Experience: Provide tenants with interactive 3D models for wayfinding, space planning, and understanding building amenities, enhancing their overall experience.

Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing to building operations professionals involves highlighting how Matterport technology meets their specific needs:

  • Showcase Efficiency Gains: Emphasize how digital twins streamline various aspects of building management, from maintenance to safety protocols.
  • Use Case Studies: Share examples where Matterport digital twins have positively impacted building operations, demonstrating real-world applications.
  • Offer Customizable Solutions: Tailor your services to address the diverse challenges faced in building operations management.
  • Engage with Industry Leaders: Connect with professionals in the field through industry events, webinars, and publications to build credibility and trust.


For Matterport service providers, the building operations management sector offers a fertile ground for growth. By focusing on the unique benefits that Matterport digital twins bring to the table, you can not only expand your client base but also play a pivotal role in transforming the way buildings are operated and managed. It’s about providing a tool that makes building operations more efficient, safe, and tenant-friendly.

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